Featured Products:

  • Evolution Pillow - Cabeau Blue


      • Responsive Memory Foam
      • Washable Velour Cover
      • Raised Side Supports
      • Adjustable Sliding Toggles
      • Media Pouch for Phone
      • Compact Travel Bag
  • Evolution Microbead - Grey Swerve


      • Quality Microbeads
      • Lycra & Velour Cover
      • Raised Side Supports
      • Adjustable Sliding Toggles
      • Media Pouch for Phone
  • The Amazing Case - Electronics and Travel Case


    • Holds Laptop, Tablet, Phone
    • For Plane/Car Travel
    • Tablet Viewing Frame
    • Carrying Handle & Strap
    • Custom Fitted Pockets
    • Durasynth Leather
  • Bamboo Compression Socks for Travel


    • Anti-Microbial Bamboo
    • Moisture Wicking Fibers
    • Promote Leg Circulation
    • Reduce Leg/Foot Fatigue
    • Reduce Swelling
    • Varicose Vein Relief

Cabeau: Our Travel Products

Cabeau is your one-stop shop for innovative travel pillows, comfort products, travel accessories and on-the-go gear. Winner of the TGA "Buzz Award" and Dr. Toy's "Best Vacation Product" and "Best Pick" awards, Cabeau Travel's products are truly transforming how people travel worldwide.

Innovative Travel Pillows: Choose from our extensive line of travel pillows which securely support your head and neck so you can experience comfortable travel and restful sleep: the Evolution Pillow™, Air Evolution™, Evolution Microbead™ and Evolution Micro Jr™.

Bamboo Compression Socks™: If you're concerned about leg and foot circulation, you'll love our eco-friendly Bamboo Compression Socks™ which promote blood circulation, offer spider and varicose vein relief, and reduce leg and foot fatigue and swelling.

Amazing Case® and Amazing Case® for Tablets™: If you've been looking for something to keep all your gadgets organized, try our Amazing Case® and Amazing Case® for Tablets™.

Patented Midnight Magic Sleep Mask™: Our patented silky-soft Midnight Magic Sleep Mask™ has an adjustable nose bridge giving you total blackout for complete rest.

Cabeau for Children: Cabeau also has a growing line of children's travel products, including the Evolution Micro Jr™ travel pillow and BlanKid Buddy®

Cabeau's goal is to provide a comfortable, restful experience to all travelers transforming coach class into a First Class experience. Once you feel the difference, all your travels will be in Cabeau comfort.

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